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Planning and Forecasting for Supply Chain Management

Dyna-Cast serves as the driving force for forecasting sales in your supply chain planning and inventory system.  Without it, most companies rely on a spreadsheet, painstakingly managed to do a portion of the job Dyna-Cast does.  



More than a Forecasting System

Dyna-Cast extends your supply chain planning system out into the future.  It uses focused forecasting (also called "best fit" forecasting) to predict the best result for each product you are forecasting.  So for example, those ski boots in your catalog will absolutely sell more in the winter than the summer.  Dyna-Cast will predict this and provide you with an appropriate forecast pattern.

Service and Support

With Dyna-Cast and your ERP software, you no longer need to worry about finding support resources.  Your software solution will be supported by a large network of certified software partners. And you likely already have the resources you need to install Dyna-Cast.


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