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Manufacturing Lite

Manufacturing Lite delivers a complete solution specifically designed for manufacturers that specialize in low cost, high volume production. If your business assembles, uses manufacturing cells, practices lean manufacturing, or uses batch or continuous processes, this suite is for you.

 Manufacturing Lite is simple to use and runs inside of Acumatica®.  It seamlessly runs right alongside of Acumatica's Inventory module, expanding those capabilities to provide you with a total, closed loop-manfacturing system.  You can even use manufacturing lite to expand the reach and control of your distribution supply chain.  With Manufacturing Lite features cover all aspects of manufacturing and supply chain planning:

Material Planning / MRP/ Supply Chain Planning
  Inventory and Warehousing
Capacity Planning /CRP

Manufacturing Lite is Extensible

We built Manufacturing Lite wholly inside of Acumatica, using the underlying screen functions already available in Acumatica. This approach inherently give you the award-winning Acumatica user interface inside of every Manufacturing Lite screen and function.
  When you get Manufacturing Lite you receive the complete toolset for modifying and customizing the system, and the entire source code, allowing you to  extend the base system to provide almost any screen and report behaviors you need.  Dashboard